Welcome, Universities!

The True Campus Project does not function without its university partners. In so, we want to work closely with you and your program stakeholders to deliver as much value as possible, starting with optimizing your admissions funnel.

We know the MBA market is in decline, seeing sequential decreases in applications to MBA programs since 2016. The True Campus Project platform is designed to help students find the best programs for them and help programs like yours stand out in the crowd. Together, we revolutionize the way students and programs find one another, connect, and communicate through the application process.

We already offer a suite of services, but are always interested in collaborating to build something new! Reach out today to get started.

University Services Overview

Student Personas

Understand your students at a deeper level than ever before. Shape your messaging and marketing materials to resonate with students who will love your school and tell others about how great you are!

We get to the root of student motivations and what drives their satisfaction with your program.


Program Analysis

Learn the strengths and opportunity areas in your program today, and how it trends over time.

Basic Insights
- Identify delighters and program gaps, such as professors, specialty programs, and more
- Cut findings by program structure, domestic vs. international students, gender, and more
- Identify how your program performs in different channels of discovery

Additional Discovery Areas
- Exemplary departments
- Political environment on campus
- Social dynamics
- Curriculum


Increased Lead Generation

The True Campus Project’s website is designed to attract interested applicants for programs like yours.

Your presence will make it easier for applicants to:
- Discover your program
- Learn about what makes your program great
- Apply quickly when their interest is peaked