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The True Campus Project uses verified MBA alumni data to inform applicants about the real nature of the MBA programs. By collecting large amounts of alumni data, we can match applicants to programs where they are most likely to be successful.


Alums make a huge impact

Completing True Campus’ MBA Experience survey, whether you had a good, bad, or so-so experience, makes a big difference for future MBA applicants finding the best program for them. No matter what you have to say, your input matters!

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Share more than just ratings!

The True Campus Project believes that nothing matters more than the voice of the student. Because of this, we created our Voice of the Student Blog (also known as our VOS Blog). Click below to read what students are saying or Contact us if you’d like to share more about your MBA experience!

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Universities benefit too!

MBA programs have been seeing declines in application volume since 2016. Learn what your students liked, where are your opportunities for improvement, and how to prioritize those initiatives moving forward. Click to below to learn more about our University services.

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Our Goal

To democratize information in higher education to allow applicants to match with the best programs for them, NOT rely on “expert rankings.”

Different students value different things. We harness the power of data analytics to match applicants to schools based on what matters to them. Click below to learn more!

We want people to find the best program for them, but people are inherently different. Therefore, using the same measuring stick to rate all programs for all people won’t yield the best results.
— Joe Perone, Founder, The True Campus Project

We Listen

The voice of the student is our compass. We value it so greatly that we have dedicated our blog, the Voice of the Student, or VOS Blog, to it. Click below to read what students are saying about their MBA experience!